9 Possible Signs of Mis (or Dis) Information

posted 08/28/2007 by dreamosis

What is misinformation?

Misinformation is information that’s been distorted in the communication process. Think of a child’s game of “Telephone.” If the first child in a chain whispers the message “Green golf shirt” to their neighbor, but the last child is told “Gandalf is hurt,” then misinformation has occurred.

Sometimes misinfo happens because of literal mishearing and sometimes it happens because the message becomes overlaid with outside information like personal beliefs, but the principle is the same. Usually, misinfo doesn’t have a negative intent behind it.

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Chaotic Media-Mind

posted 01/09/2007 by Marcus

People’s interpretation of their immediate environment and circumstances seems to be almost mystifying at times. How we deal and react to things around us is so heavily dependent upon our personal biases and beliefs—that it’s difficult to say why and how any one individual is going to react at any given situation.

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What Can We Do?

posted 08/07/2006 by montalk

There is only so much you can learn about the rampant corruption, injustice, and exploitation in this world before you start itching to “do something” about these problems. Perhaps you get frustrated that more people aren’t seeing the truth, or that those who do are not taking more action. All this reading, networking, and talking may seem like an ineffective use of time when the world appears to be burning down before our eyes and action is needed now.

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The Overlooked Beauty of Limitations

posted 06/03/2006 by lono

Perhaps you’ve never seen beauty in the limitations of yourself or others. It’s not surprising. As a society, we’ve been taught that limitations are synonymous with weakness, something to be rooted out and overcome. In this spirit, we often find ourselves filling our lives with goals and tasks have little or no meaning to our souls, simply to prove a point or live up to the standards of others.

How many times have you forced yourself to do something, scraping and clawing to pass each milestone, only to realize that the resulting success was something you ultimately didn’t want or need? The hard-won promotion takes your career in an unfulfilling direction; the relationship you struggled to secure soon feels confining. Sure, you proved you could do it, but did you really want to in the first place?

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Return to the Farm

posted 02/20/2006 by feritciva

EPILOGUE: Kardashev levels

The Russian astronomer, Professor Nikolai Kardashev suggested a classification for the various stages that an advanced technological civilisation anywhere in the universe must go through. Human civilisation is currently believed to be somewhere in the range Kardashev-0.3 to Kardashev-0.7.

Kardashev-1 civilisation
Controls the resources of an entire planet

Kardashev-2 civilisation
Controls the resources of an entire solar system

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Attraction of Archetypes

posted 02/20/2006 by montalk

There is a common theory which says that through resonance we attract on the outside what we are on the inside. It is the mirror theory, that others serve as mirrors for our own self-analysis because they reflect some facet of our own being. Whoever exists in our lives indirectly helps us acknowledge and integrate whatever aspect of ourselves they represent. Therefore if we attract darkness, it is because we have darkness within. If we fall under the abuse of a predator, it is because we have yet to discover and accept the predator within ourselves. If mankind is being visited by mysterious alien forces, it is because they represent the hidden parts of our psyches.

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The Quality of Positive Side & The Quantity of Darkside

posted 12/04/2005 by feritciva

Have you read Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? The main character, Phaedrus (a kind of Morpheus) talks about “The Quality”. He gives an example—which is extremely important and precious for me—popular music. When you hear a good pop song for the first time, you like it a lot, you say “wow! this is really good”. You want to listen to it more & more. It’s ok for some time but then something happens. You don’t like the song that much any more. It doesn’t amaze your ears and brain like before. After certain times listening, you don’t want to hear that song again. It’s gone. You may even say “how could I love that song”, it’s rubbish! The Quality is gone.

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The Heart's Pledge

posted 12/03/2005 by ermolai

When we sincerely seek to serve the “forces of light”, we soon understand that our greatest challenge lies in the deep realization that all this is not a game but a question of life or death for our soul and for the one of the beings surrounding us.

Of course, a wide spiritual perspective must be remembered if we don’t want to fall into an impatient anger, a chocking fear or a grave despair, but too much of “going with the flow” immobilize us just as much. We must walk lightly, but in full awareness of the severity of the situation.

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Alternative “News” Sites, or, How to herd a very large group of people onto the worst probable future timeline

posted 10/31/2005 by lyra

Many people reading this are probably very familiar with alternative news sites such as Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, the David Icke headlines page, Signs of the Times, What Really Happened, etc. and so on. These websites keep close tabs on what’s supposedly really transpiring in our world, the stories that the mainstream media is either reluctant to report, or flat out won’t touch with a ten foot pole.

At some point, I avidly followed all of the above mentioned sites, as well as a few others. It was after I began my intense “awakening” period, starting in 2001, and was reading everything and anything I could get my hands on which pertained to the truth. In all fairness, I was never totally asleep to begin with, always living on the outside looking in, never fully buying into the program, living my life in strange and unusual ways that did not conform to the mainstream. But like many people, sometime during 2000 – 2001, things happened to catalyze me into moving to the next level of research and awareness. And so I did, with gusto. Every day I was visiting the alternative news media headlines pages, absorbing all the conspiracy headline stories. My bookshelves filled with the new books I was buying on all these subjects. I had binders filled with all the articles I’d printed out. My mind was like a sponge, and I couldn’t get enough.

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Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?

posted 10/20/2005 by tenetnosce

You’re an intelligent person. You’ve got a lot of things going for you. You’ve got your s*** cleaned up.

Well mostly.

Then it happens. That thing. The one that always happens.

You know, when things start getting good. You’re actually feeling quite pleased with yourself. Life is flowing a bit easier.

Then it happens.

And everything goes back to a big pile of s***.

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