Ad Astra Per Aspera

It is easy to get frustrated at certain people’s utter lack of awareness, level of complacency, and gullibility concerning the lies propagated through media and public education. Of these, a majority appear to be as conscious as rocks and are entirely deaf to reason. At least half the planetary population falls into this category. They will never awaken because there is nothing within them to awaken.

Some of us have been naive in thinking that anyone can be “shown the light” if only given the right opportunities. Not far from this is the view that we are now undergoing a planetary ascension that will stir all mankind into full remembrance of their divine selves. This vision is close to reality but dangerously mistaken.

In truth only sleeping consciousness can awaken, but not all possess what qualifies as consciousness. Many people are only embryonically conscious because they are young souls, and what to us seems like sleep is for them their natural state of lucidity. To assume that the spiritual composition of mankind is uniform is to invite frustration based upon such false assumptions.

The fact of the matter is that there are those who have a potential affinity for truth and those who do not. Meeting resistance and ridicule from the latter will only be discouraging if one falsely assumes such ignorance is characteristic of all people. One can quickly become cynical this way.

But now is not the time for cynicism. We have entered a critical phase of the end game where attitude is everything. To banish cynicism and frustration, turn your attention away from the dead and give your energy to the living. Cursing the darkness is less productive than lighting a candle. Which you prefer defines your attitude.

What is your attitude toward hardship? Does it bring out fear, victimization, hatred, despair, complacency? Or does it strengthen your resolve to break through the barrier into a better reality?

Yes, we stand at the cusp of a Golden Age, but the way to heaven is through hell. Whether this journey is an exciting adventure or a death march is up to you and depends entirely upon your attitude. Hold on to the heaven within and you will get there. Succumb to hell within and you will stay there.

Your hope, courage, faith, imagination, awareness, enthusiasm, creativity, compassion—these characterize the light of your soul, a candle antagonizing the darkness. When the wind blows, can you keep your flame alight? The dark powers of this world have and will continue to implement various scare tactics to nudge people off balance. Without balance, one becomes either powerless or reckless in subverting the encroaching oppression. Maintaining your emotional, psychological, and spiritual balance is crucial. If you fall down, pick yourself up and learn from the experience.

Set aside fear and uncertainty. Live in the confidence of your wisdom and bravery. Know that there is no more time to waste, yet keep in mind that all is paced according to plan. Be patient until circumstance and intuition compel you to action, then follow through with grace.

Search for and connect with your spiritual family, your spiritual compatriots. Although we must be strong enough to stand on our own feet, we can leverage our strength by lending support to each other. This is a matter of resonance; multiple vibrations in unison produce a potent force that can break down unscalable walls. When people of mutual affinity work together toward a common goal dear to their hearts, each person’s vibration is supported and amplified. Together, we become stronger as individuals.

If nothing else, aim to further expand your awareness and become skilled at sharing what you know; although the world now appears to slumber, a time is fast approaching where demand for such knowledge may suddenly exceed supply.