Alternative “News” Sites, or, How to herd a very large group of people onto the worst probable future timeline

Many people reading this are probably very familiar with alternative news sites such as Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, the David Icke headlines page, Signs of the Times, What Really Happened, etc. and so on. These websites keep close tabs on what’s supposedly really transpiring in our world, the stories that the mainstream media is either reluctant to report, or flat out won’t touch with a ten foot pole.

At some point, I avidly followed all of the above mentioned sites, as well as a few others. It was after I began my intense “awakening” period, starting in 2001, and was reading everything and anything I could get my hands on which pertained to the truth. In all fairness, I was never totally asleep to begin with, always living on the outside looking in, never fully buying into the program, living my life in strange and unusual ways that did not conform to the mainstream. But like many people, sometime during 2000 – 2001, things happened to catalyze me into moving to the next level of research and awareness. And so I did, with gusto. Every day I was visiting the alternative news media headlines pages, absorbing all the conspiracy headline stories. My bookshelves filled with the new books I was buying on all these subjects. I had binders filled with all the articles I’d printed out. My mind was like a sponge, and I couldn’t get enough.

The negative aspect of it all didn’t register right away. The Rense site was by far the worst for me, always packing a huge punch in the gut with stories I could do nothing about. Injustice to people and innocent animals, environmental destruction and annihilation, happening all around the world, every day. More corrupt politicians, lying. More of the illusion, going up in flames right in front of our faces. Each travesty would generate an intense emotional reaction within me from where I sat in front of my computer, helpless to stop any of it. But at least I was being informed. I was aware of the truth. I was not the blissfully ignorant mass public in the sheep pen. . . and ultimately, that’s all that mattered, right? Never mind the negativity!

It all caught up with me though down the line. Around mid-2004 I finally snapped. Day after day of negative news headlines, books and articles, under the guise of “truth” and I just couldn’t mentally take any more. I ceased reading Rense cold turkey, for three weeks. I had to. Stopped visiting all the other stand-bys, such as David Icke, and all the rest. If I was bored at work with no work to do and some time to kill, then I was going to play games on Yahoo instead. That was it for me! Bounce Out, Cubis and Text Twist, here I come. I went out of my way to bring books to read during my lunch break as part of my “detox” mindset change, mostly pertaining to the Toltec warrior’s path as that’s what really resonates with me – Carlos Castaneda and Theun Mares. It was an abrupt, yet, totally natural transition from one period of my life to the next, a process that continues to this day, recently moving into what I call “Stage 3.” :) But it took mentally snapping before it could even begin to happen.

For some people though, they never know when to quit. They’re currently having their mental breakdown with this material. . . but keep going with it, and going, and going and going. They post on message boards, full of anger and rage about this country’s situation, and the way the world is going up in flames. Everything is wrong and ugly to them, everybody is corrupt, we’re all going to hell in a hand basket. There’s no hope. We see it in the writings of some very famous conspiracy / alternative news authors on the web, who only rant on and on about all that is wrong and ugly, but never offer solutions. In fact, you can almost say they don’t seem to be interested in solutions. We see it in the alternative headlines pages which usually, as in the case of Rense, make sure to focus on stuff you can do nothing about, things happening half a world away. . . things that took place last week, last month, and are already over, so all you can do is read about the bloodbath carnage aftermath of epic proportions, while mentally writhing in anguish, spewing loosh and feeding the feeders. . . which is actually part of the purpose of these sites. Whether they know they’re being used for this or not. These sites act as loosh generators, no different from their “enemies”, the mainstream media. One is supposedly feeding us lies, and one is supposedly giving us the truth, but when they’re both intensely negative and serve the same loosh generating, fear-frequency purpose, then really, what’s the difference?

So there you are, reading along, getting upset, generating loosh. . . even experiencing fear and anxiety. There’s yet another conspiracy story about the NWO, the internment camps, the roundups, the “red and blue list”. Which list will YOU be on, hm? Do they already know about you? Are they monitoring your phone calls and emails? Keeping tabs on which websites you visit, which message boards you post to? There’s another story about foreign militias training on U.S. soil, preparing to take us over. Another story about the boxcars and checkpoints fashioned out of former toll booths in the New Mexican desert. More stories about micro chipping, and how eventually, we will all be forced to take the chip, or else. More stories about the sinister purposes of chemtrails, designed to annihilate half the world’s population. Get rid of the peasants you know, so the world’s elite can have the planet all to themselves. More stories about man made laboratory biowarfare, released onto the helpless population.

And there’s nothing you can do about ANY of it. It’s all bigger than you, out of your hands, and you are a helpless bit of cattle property, at the mercy of everything and anything that’s bigger and badder than you in this world. They can kill you, maim you, and make you sick if you want…

...or, so these stories would like you to subtly believe.

When you’re reading this stuff, what eventually happens?

You begin to absorb that covert message just outlined above, the one about being a powerless, helpless victim at the mercy of everything bigger than you. And more importantly, you begin to envision these scenarios as your future. In fact, you spend an awful lot of time envisioning this particular doomsday scenario NWO take-over, half the world decimated by Bird Flu H5N1 / human flu / SARS / West Nile Virus / epidemic of the moment fill in the blank, future that these websites keep feeding us. Every day you’re reading it, and in doing so, you’re programming your mind to accept this as reality. . . the only reality. . . that lies in store for us. These websites constantly churn out the same horrific doomsday scenario future headlines day after day after day after day, under the guise of revealing the truth, getting us informed, etc. . . . but what they’re also covertly accomplishing is a form of mind control programming. The very thing they rail against, ironically enough. Kind of poetic when you think about it.

Don’t get me wrong – these stories do have legitimacy, in my opinion. Many of what these websites are reporting is happening, or at least, is the intended plan of some nefarious groups that run things on this planet. And it’s good to be informed, and many of us need these stories to help catalyze us into “waking up from the illusion.” But the fact is, what these news sites and conspiracy authors either don’t know or purposely don’t tell us is that:

1. The future is *not* set in stone. Time is not linear, which means there are multi probable timelines out there where we could wind up;

2. There are still way too many variables to factor into the equation, which can – and will – prevent many of these things from ever happening on certain timelines, and. . .

3. . . . the fact that there are various probable timelines to choose from means you don’t have to wind up on the negative doomsday timeline being fed to us.

Just because they tell us something, doesn’t mean that’s how it has to go. Remember that. And just because they’re giving us the “truth” that the mainstream media won’t talk about doesn’t mean we’re getting the entire “Bigger Picture.” The one thing that most of these news sites and conpiracy doomsday authors lack is the spiritual bigger picture.

Something that needs to be emphasized here, and which more people need to realize, is that we have a say in everything that happens to us, and we can control our own future. It’s actually a theme that keeps coming up in all of my articles. I never purposely set out with the intention to do that, it just sort of wound up happening. But the reason it keeps popping up like this is probably because it’s one of the most important concepts we as humans can realize. It’s the very thing that “The Powers That Be” have continually tried to hide from us and prevent us from knowing. Everything about mainstream society is designed to disempower us at every turn. The rules, laws, authority, control, religion, school, mainstream health practices, everything, it’s all about taking away our personal power and trying to prevent the majority from ever learning the truth: That we have the ability to manifest what we need, heal and cure ourselves from ailments, and, through thoughts, personal frequency and intent, can affect which probable future timeline we wind up on, based on where we choose to align ourselves.

Our alignment comes from personal frequency, and personal frequency comes from what our thoughts and intent consist of.

If you choose to inundate yourself with fear-based, anxiety generating, doomsday scenario gloom and doom material, you’re putting your focus on that, and are inadvertently aligning yourself to it. As a result, you just may wind up in that future.

If, on the other hand, you declare, “No. I don’t want that,” and begin forging a new path for yourself, then you’ll most likely find yourself in a much better future than you would have otherwise. Forging a new path requires making a conscious effort to align to a new way of being and move on to the next level. So once this material has shown you what’s really happening out there in the world, versus what the mainstream media feeds us, recognize when it has served its purpose and use the information to help you get to the next level. What good is the material after all, if you don’t put it to use and do something with what you know? You don’t want to stagnate, going in endless circles. You want to move forward, and make progress. You want to search for solutions, and create a better way.

So what is this next level I keep mentioning?

It goes by many names, and there are many beliefs surrounding what “the next level” is beyond the 3^rd^ density illusion, but whatever you believe, or choose to call it, it does exist. “Spiraling Out.” “The shift to 4^th^ density.” “Personal freedom”, in the vain of the Toltec warrior’s path. Merging with your Higher Self – my personal favorite! :)

It’s not everybody’s destiny to strive for it; for many, they will be content to just live out their lives and die, which is fine. But for others, that’s not enough. They know they can achieve more, and that there’s something else out there beyond all of this, a better way to be than what we’re all shown in the mainstream world.

Keep in mind too that turning your back on the doomsday scenario material to strive for the next level doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand. This may be a common misconception for many reading this, that I’m possibly advocating being ignorant and covering your eyes and plugging your ears and saying “lalala! I can’t hear you! I don’t see you!” It’s not willful ignorance – it’s about a conscious choice. It’s about directing your intent for where you’d like to wind up, and what sort of future you’d like for yourself.

If you’re driving along on a road, and you see that there’s a collapsed bridge up ahead, you can either a) Choose to stare fixedly at the bridge and plow forth into the bridge; b) Choose to take your hands off the wheel and cover your eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist while your car veers all around on the road, so you may or may not end up colliding with the bridge; or c) You can choose to smoothly exit off the road beforehand, thus avoiding the collapsed bridge entirely and choosing a better route.

Bingo! It’s all about choice C. Like I’ve written before, whenever we’re given two choices in life, it always means there is a third, or more, choice that we are not being shown. It’s never black and white, yes and no, good and bad, liberal or conservative, and so on. If you mistakenly believe that it’s a choice between the negative doomsday “truth” or blissful sheep pen ignorance, realize that it’s about neither. It’s about awareness, and using what you’ve learned and know to create something better.

A big question some may be wondering as they read this is whether all the doomsday negative gloom and doom material is knowingly trying to lower people’s frequencies and focus their attention onto the worst future possible. Are they in on some actual tangible “plot” of sorts? Do they consciously know what they’re doing?? Honestly, no, I don’t think so. I think most of the people who run those sites and write those articles, forever ranting about everything that’s wrong and ugly, believe that they’re doing the right thing. . . although there are forces working through them to get them to generate this sort of one-sided, limited view material that lacks the spiritual “bigger picture.” Which leads to the idea that some may actually be programmed to do so. I know, not an easy one to accept. “My beloved so-and-so, purveyor of truth, fervent opponent of the mainstream media, a programmed PAWN?!? NO!!!!!” Yes. It’s quite possible. After all, people can be easily fooled into that “two choice scenario” using faulty logic: “Oh, the mainstream media is the bad guy. . . and here’s this other guy over here who’s railing against the mainstream media, putting out different information. . . he must be the good guy then! I’m siding with him and going over there!”

But is it really a choice between the negative doomsday “truth”, and blissful ignorance? Or is there a third choice? A hidden door over there behind the curtain? Another option we’re not being given?

How about the choice which involves “neither”, the one where we decide which future we’d like to have, and begin making it happen, based on our thoughts and intents, starting right now, at this very moment?

I will leave off with this thought about the nature of time: Creating that alternate future where we wind up on the better timeline instead of the doomsday timeline is possible, and it is out there. It exists, because all possibilities for everything already exist. Everything has already happened. . . that’s the nature of time. And every way that an event could possibly play itself out has already happened. So where we wind up just depends where we choose to align ourselves, which version of events we pull to ourself and choose to make our main timeline. And it starts right now, at this very moment, with our actions and thoughts.