Frequencies of Consciousness

Have you ever been walking along a street with a close friend and observed that you and your friend’s footsteps were in perfect synchronization? This is the result of something known as rapport. Rapport is the effect whereby people who have known each other for some time begin to act, talk, and walk alike. This is most apparently observed between close friends. Rapport develops automatically on the subconscious level. It happens faster with people you are drawn to or attracted to, but it can also happen gradually with people you don’t even like at first. But why does this phenomenon even happen? If you have ever heard the phrase “on the same wavelength” used to refer to whether two people are in understanding with each other, this is closer to the truth than you may realize.

Every entity’s consciousness vibrates or pulses at a particular frequency. This is known as a resonant frequency. You may have heard stories of how, long ago, armies marching in step across a bridge would cause it to rumble violently or even collapse. This was caused by the rhythm of the soldiers’ steps matching the resonant frequency of the bridge itself. When the frequencies matched, the bridge responded by vibrating at a greater amplitude. The amplitude would continue to increase and eventually it would become so great as to shake the bridge apart, literally. The effects of co-amplification of frequency will be discussed in more detail later. However, the point here is that each thing and entity has a resonant frequency and will respond to similar frequencies, including most importantly their harmonics. For brevity’s sake resonant frequency will simply be referred to as vibration from here on.

How does rapport fit into this? Rapport is actually a synchronization of two people’s vibrations. It is the attempt of consciousness to harmonize phase and frequency of its vibrations, because consciousness has a natural tendency to harmonize with other consciousness. You may notice if are walking along a street and hear music playing that your footsteps may begin to synchronize with the beat of the music. This is the same principle in effect: It is the subconscious tendency to harmonize with other vibrations in your environment. Vibrations with a greater amplitude or strength will be more effective in drawing other vibrations into harmony with themselves than those with lesser amplitude. You may observe that weak vibrations will almost always be drawn into synchronization with stronger vibrations. This is why people with strong personalities attract so many people to themselves. Their willpower, confidence, and congruence in their thoughts and actions strengthen the amplitude of their vibrations, drawing in people with weaker vibrations quite naturally. Those people with weaker vibrations will find themselves drawn more and more to the frequency of the stronger vibrations as they fall into a state of rapport with the other person.

The key factor that causes people to have weak vibrations—that is, vibrations with low amplitude—is scattered thought patterns. Their consciousness is literally scattered and unfocused. This could be caused by several different reasons: They may be anxious or fearful, or they may be unsure of what goals they wish to accomplish in their current lifetime, or they may be unsure of who or what they want to be. Essentially they are without a role or purpose, or feel unable to carry out the role they desire to. When an entity has a feeling of role or purpose, their consciousness is focused. When this happens, consciousness shifts to vibrate at a specific frequency range inherent to the thought patterns associated with that focus. When a person lacks a specific focus, their frequency tends to shift and jump all over the place throughout the course of each day, since they lack the determination to maintain a certain frequency. This shifting about in frequency is caused both by their own thoughts moving constantly from one thing to another, as well as by strong vibrations in their environment affecting their frequency subconsciously. Remember, your consciousness automatically wants to harmonize with other consciousness. While this is a magnificant phenomenon to observe, it is not always beneficial to you.

If you want to strengthen your own vibration so that you are affected less by those vibrations which you find would be averse to your purpose, then you need to utilize will and intent. Intent is the key concept in forming a focus of consciousness. The concepts of intent, will, and focus are all closely related in the realms of consciousness. Will is the power one has to intend a certain outcome, which then creates a focus. Think of will as the potential energy that consciousness draws upon. When consciousness is focused, the amplitude of its vibrations increase. The greater the focus, the greater the amplitude. You may like to think of it the other way around as well.

As the frequencies of two or more people begin to synchronize or harmonize together, the combination increases the overall amplitude of the vibrations and thus increases their effect on the surrounding environment. This can be likened unto musical instruments. Two instruments playing the same note will be louder than just one instrument playing that note. As more instruments join in, the note becomes louder and louder and can be heard farther away because of the increased amplitude. If you can understand this principle and how it relates to human interaction, you will see that groups of people “on the same wavelength” can have quite an effect on their environment and, therefore, influence the vibrations of other people in the environment. On a larger scale this results in what is known as collective consciousness. When groups of people begin to cluster together, such as in towns, cities, and nations, a collective consciousness develops from the combination of the vibrations of all the people therein. Given enough time, people within a certain locale will synchronize (in the same way discussed above) into a specific frequency range, which creates a standing wave that envelopes the area they occupy. This is why places will have a certain “vibe” which is not felt until you are in close proximity to them. When you first visit a place you have never been to, you will immediately notice this, if only on a subconscious level.

It takes time for a person to adjust to a vibration that they are not familiar with. When you meet new friends, it takes time to find rapport with them. When you move to a new city, it takes time to “settle in.” When you listen to a new genre of music, it takes time to groove with it. But remember that these are all the result of the same phenomenon—consciousness harmonizing with other consciousness. Since this is a subconscious process of which we are usually unaware, it is important to think about it in the conscious mind, in order to consider the good and bad of how your environment affects you.