Leaving the Baggage at the Curb

(Recognizing when itѢs time to let go of the things that hold you back)
by Carissa Conti

Many people involved in researching the “woo woo” topics are leading two lives – they have their mainstream “normal” friends, family and significant others, and then they have their conspiracy / metaphysical research and email / message board buddies on the side. And ne’er the two shall meet.

Some people can co-exist comfortably with a foot in both doors; others however, cannot. Spending time with friends and family who are fully inserted into “the matrix” as it can be called, becomes a tedious, mind numbing energy draining distraction for many. When you’re aware of higher truths, how do reconcile discussing sports scores, television shows, petty gossip and the latest hot and trendy vehicle to trade in the lease for? A lot of people will suffer through “matrix” conversation of this type though, while secretly feeling like they just want to go and bang their head against a wall!

I believe that we’re getting down to the wire, and can no longer waste time humoring those who are firmly embedded in the illusion with no hope of extraction. I’ve known too many “woo-woo researchers” who were being dragged down in life by matrix family members, friends and significant others. They date people who are not on the same page as themselves, because they’d rather be with someone for the wrong reasons then be alone for the right reasons; they have friends who always want to party, go out to bars, shop, watch TV, and talk about mindless nonsense, because we’ve all been programmed that we need friends, no matter how incompatible they eventually become to us; they tolerate family members who frown on their alternative interests, doling out non-supportive, sometimes belligerent comments in an effort to reign the sheep back into the herd. In short, they suffer fools, and die a slow death on the inside because of it.

But when is enough enough?

It’s time to take an inventory of what we’re doing and how we’re living, I think. Are there people holding us back from achieving something greater in life? Are we being stifled and suppressed? Is it a case of “I could break through to the next level if only. . . ” ? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to reflect on this.

It can be easier said than done, since for many, matrix programming and the fear of being alone can make us reluctant to let go of cumbersome people who are burdening us. Eventually though, we’re not going to have much of a choice but to walk away from that which is no longer compatible. Again, I think we’re getting down to the wire in terms of how much “time” we have left to get stuff done. It’s easy to put off for tomorrow what you can do today when you believe that you have all the time in the world to do so. This is a harmful mentality to have. Our modern society has conditioned us to not think about death, and to believe that we’re all going to live to be 110. We sloth through life, tolerating obnoxious people and situations because we’re in denial about our own mortality. Imagine if you knew that you only had two more years to live. Would you still suffer fools and plod away, obliviously? Of course not.

That’s the mentality we need to have. The Toltecs refer to it as “Death is stalking you.” We’ve been conditioned to be afraid of death, instead of realizing that death is at our heels, and using it as a motivator to make the most of our time here.

There’s nothing I can really say that’s going to change your mind if you’re not ready. But even if you’re not quite there now, eventually you will be. If you stick with your woo-woo research long enough, then the incompatibility between the matrix reality and your woo-woo side reality will just become too great. What was once something you kept separate, hidden away on the side, will take over and become your full time normal reality. You can only humor people so much. Eventually you’ll find yourself ducking out of mindless conversations, turning down social invites and creating a new world for yourself with those like yourself. And at first, you may only have a network of people that you know from the net. This is good though. Because in doing that, you’re establishing a frequency. You’re putting down roots for a new realm, you could say. Eventually this new frequency you’re establishing will pull in others. They’re out there. And chances are, they’re keeping quiet too, just like you. So put out intentions that you’ll cross paths in your daily life existence with others like yourself and watch what happens.

And even if they never show up, that’s okay too.

If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely clued in about things, which means you have work to do. There’s progress to be had, and you can do it, with or without the support of people in your day to day life. You’re stronger than you realize. You may find that all you have is your group of like-minded internet connections – so lean on them. It’s better than nothing at all. Time is running out, and we can use what precious time we have left humoring those around us with Hollywood celebrity gossip, sports, and petty mainstream “news” that feeds the illusion, or we can walk away, carve out a new realm for ourselves and use our time to achieve great things! The choice is yours.