Return to the Farm

EPILOGUE: Kardashev levels

The Russian astronomer, Professor Nikolai Kardashev suggested a classification for the various stages that an advanced technological civilisation anywhere in the universe must go through. Human civilisation is currently believed to be somewhere in the range Kardashev-0.3 to Kardashev-0.7.

Kardashev-1 civilisation
Controls the resources of an entire planet

Kardashev-2 civilisation
Controls the resources of an entire solar system

Kardashev-3 civilisation
Controls the resources of an entire galaxy

THE STORY: The Crying Game

Let’s say you have a civilisation of level KC-3. Just like the Empire in Star Wars Universe or Asimov’s Foundation epic, you represent darkside of the force. That means you are aggressive, invasive and demanding as a civilisation.

Then in one insignificant corner of the galaxy, you find a little planet. This planet is really beautiful and has a combination of supportive factors like a sun, atmosphere, water etc… There is also a natural evolution on the planet, a very slow and patient process—just like every natural thing. You invade the planet and find nothing too important. Then you notice a species which seems a little more clever, showing promise for fast progress. You manipulate the evolution and make a genetic intervention upon that species. You make genesis (gene of isis) for them.

After some time, the species proves to be worthy. They are a very good resource for you—whether it be a physical slavery or an etheric energy source. You rule them with absolute power; the more they suffer, the more they are useful for you. This becomes a crying game for them.

But something happens. There are some laws of the universe that even you have to obey. One of them is the law of balance — polarity — and this applies to you too. There are some other KC-3 civilisations that do not agree with you. In fact you have been in conflict with them for a long time. They have interrupted your plans elsewhere many times. So when you manipulate a new species or lower civilisation like in our example, naturally you show the manipulated ones their enemies; “these and those are your enemies, don’t ever obey them”.

But despite all your efforts, the same thing happens again: others ruin your plans — others who believe all beings must be left on their natural path of progress to make their own decisions during critical times. There is a natural progress of consciousness anyway. You or others didn’t build that system, it was here the entire time.

You are sure that you are the leading force in the galaxy, but even some of your “rebel scientists” suspect that there may have been some very very big, unfathomable energies in the universe once—so ancient that even your high level of intelligence cannot grasp it. But that is not your concern, whoever/whatever built that consciousness energy and evergoing evolution is not important, you want to use it for your own interests, that’s it.


...and war happens. This is “war in heaven” for the local species. For them this is very violent and full of unknown weapons. After many more thousands of years this war left its mark on their beliefs, myths, sacred texts; “fallen angels, wrath of lords, divine punishments” etc…

Anyway, the war forced you to give up the management of the planet/species. Or did you have to really? You put some very key elements into the species’ unconscious thinking patterns. The most important thing is, you make them believe they are all alone in a vast universe. You have to do these because there is a boring universal law which always interrupts your plans—the Law of Freewill. The members of this species must give away their power and energy to you willingly. Well, who says you aren’t allowed to fool them? You have your own freewill.

So you install the control patterns level by level. Should they ever reach a level where they start asking predicted questions, their programming will provide the answers: “you are created by a infinite power, this is your Lord”... “fear your Lord”... “obey your Lord”... That programming goes well for a long time. Of course the “chosen ones” that you placed as guards and enforcers of the programming should not be forgotten. From time to time some dangerous ones say “uhm, we were told that earth is the center of the universe, but my observations and calculations show we are on an eclipse around the sun which seems to be in the center”. But no problem. Your mechanism and guarding system works well. They are burnt or oppressed. Also sometimes there arrive some who are influenced by other KC-3’s, namely your enemies. Your guards call them pagans or witches. They get tracked down, hunted and burnt too. But the species’ progress continues and a new level develops.

We Are Unique

As you already carefully planned and predicted, the species reaches a point where your old guard system becomes ineffective. Enter a new level. You already nested this level like a Matrioshka doll into their minds. At this new level, the species takes new orders from their pre-programmed minds: “You are here by an unexpected coincidence. You are unique. You are the center of the universe. You are very clever. You rule the planet. You can use all the sources of the planet without any caution. All the plants, animals, earth, water etc… are yours”.

What follows is a harsh competition the species call business life and a very fast pollution of the planet. You trust the species’ apparent inability to connect the dots, and you’re not mistaken. Most members—no, nearly all members — of the species do not even suspect that the planet they are on is another living organism. They have preconceived notions of what is “alive” and what is not—thanks to your programming. The ones who try to expose these things and warn people are considered crazy.

Your guards are still on duty. They only change their dress. They are the leading figures of that new level. They keep the place clean, working, and still opress the ones who seriously try to say “wait, there’s something really wrong here”. In this level burning or crucifying is not the answer, your guards just ridicule “the rebels” that’s enough. The troublemakers cannot reach anyone afterwards.

By the way, your guards look and behave more and more like you as the time passes. Believing they are the chosen ones without any doubt, they violate, invade and attack other cultures one by one. Sometimes these attacks escalate into world war. That’s definitely fine for you, the farm still works and produces.


Then comes the time you long awaited — well, maybe not so long from your perspective of time. This new level cannot go on forever, obviously. You know that there will be conflicts in different cultures of the species — no need to mention that these differences are thanks to you — or between the planet itself and the species. Maybe you’ve been there and already seen them, as time is not an immutable physical law for you. In fact, time is not linear for you and you can manipulate the timeline without much effort.

In summary, you already planted the last seed in their minds. Since the beginning they have believed this last seed of yours. They name it differently in different cultures but they all—without any exception—subconsciously await the same thing: the apocalypse.

You made a very clever move in saying you will return at the time of apocalypse. There are billions already waiting for you—in fact there were always hundreds of millions waiting for you in every generation of the species.

Now you prepare for the voyage. Time to make a visit to that far farm again. You take your trusted officers with you—who already became divine characters in that species’ cultures. Now it’s time to have a little fun at the farm…