The Heart's Pledge

by Ermolai. 2nd August 2005.

When we sincerely seek to serve the “forces of light”, we soon understand that our greatest challenge lies in the deep realization that all this is not a game but a question of life or death for our soul and for the one of the beings surrounding us.

Of course, a wide spiritual perspective must be remembered if we don’t want to fall into an impatient anger, a chocking fear or a grave despair, but too much of “going with the flow” immobilize us just as much. We must walk lightly, but in full awareness of the severity of the situation.

A serious pledge is first of all done in our heart and not in the form. It is not about playing the monk, the saint or the warrior, but about remembering in every moment the deep meaning of our actions, no matter the situation in which we find ourselves.

Incredible efforts are necessary to keep this spiritual perspective because everything in “modern life” invites us to stay asleep, to float from one dream to another without putting back our feet on the ground. As good consumers, we choose the program which fits us best and we watch it with detachment and indifference. Everything turns into entertainment, even the most morbid subjects.

We are thinking here of conspiracy theories that most of the information addicts take as good thrillers, as horror movies which give a little bit of spice to their life, giving them the opportunity to speak to their neighbour of the “children-eating reptilians” with this slight incredulity, this cynicism of bad taste which are the mark of this society.

On the other hand, as soon as you ask those people what they are doing to act concretely in the face of these dark forces, they immediately take refuge in New Age philosophies to justify their passivity. It is as if the very suggestion to act made them realize suddenly, and with great fright, that all these information are not fiction and that the situation is really serious.

It is important to remind ourselves of this aspect when we seek to communicate with others on this subject. It is useless to throw off mountains of sordid stories which would take people off reality even more, or to choke them with abstract theories not integrated in our heart.

If we take the time to think about it, we realize that such an attitude doesn’t come from a real desire to help others but mostly from a desire to show how “cultivated” we are or to let them believe that all this doesn’t make us afraid, just like children speaking of the horror movie of the previous night, acting up as if it didn’t touch them.

Such an attitude may seem innocent at first sight but from a spiritual point of view it has the effect of hardening the heart, of making the soul hermetic to the violence and suffering of the external world, while keeping it enslaved by fears of an unimaginable depth.

We see here how the conspiracy movement can, on certain levels, serve those same forces it seeks to fight. From a certain point of view, it shares the same objectives as science-fiction novels like “Brave New World” or “1984”: fictionalization and desensitizing.

If we don’t want to serve these forces, we must adopt the opposed tactic: instead of making people escape from reality, we need to return them to it. We must help them reintegrate their soul so that they may become powerful warriors in their daily life, real actors of the Great Cosmic Drama.

As beings seeking a real commitment, we must ourselves be clear about the meaning of our communication, because it requires an expense of energy which could be used elsewhere, and a lack of clarity regarding our objectives rapidly turns everything into pleasant but useless ego games.

So why communicate? Once we have understood we are in the middle of darkness, there is only one thing to do: attempt to turn on the light, in other words, re-establish an energetic circuit of high enough vibration so that it isn’t immediately taken back by the Adversary. And for this we need allies.

This is a colossal work which forces us to start over from scratch because few are ready to accept such a responsibility. The most eloquent image for those having already done this step in the void may be the one of Neo who discovers the real world outside of the Matrix, some kind of electrified and lifeless desert.

From an energetic level, this matches well the actual state of society where more and more individuals find themselves stuck behind a screen without any real contact with other human beings. We think here of conspiracy theorists who prefer to exchange their latest findings with strangers at the other side of the planet rather than organize locally.

We can imagine this information exchange is useful, or even revolutionary, but unfortunately this information is energetically dead and consequently it cannot be assimilated by the soul. The only energetic exchange happening is between individuals and their computers, while even a photocopied letter sent by “snail mail” keeps valuable fragments.

In reality, only an oral communication perfectly keeps the strength of the Verb and allows a deep integration of knowledge, that is, if we know how to speak from the heart. This is why it is essential to take time to meet allies, or even go find them wherever they could be.

It may feel like we’re making things more complicated than necessary but, in fact, this is the only way we can integrate new souls into a given energetic circuit and, when we see the energy that a single person can bring into a spiritually-clear group, we know that this was no wasted time.

Of course it is important to be ourselves integrated into an energetic circuit, otherwise we don’t have much to bring other than abstract information. To live in a community is thus an essential part of any pledge of this type, and we shouldn’t underestimate its value from an energetic point of view.

In order for community living to be dynamic and fructuous, we need also to avoid falling back into superficial relationships like the ones soap operas unconsciously taught us. We need to constantly remember that each individual is an important piece of the vessel and that it is crucial to integrate it inside our own energetic configuration—in other words, to love him or her.

This forces us to let go of our little individualist neurosis, to let explode the implants put by the New Age dogma and by psychology and to become fully conscious that, in the long run, the survival of our soul depends on our ability to function as a crew so that the communal ship may take off.

In the end, a true pledge from the heart requires the humility to come back on Earth, to find ourselves simply with other beings sharing the same aspirations and, united by a true Love, to accomplish together this work which may seem insignificant in the eyes of those still carried by their abstract dreams, but which, from a cosmic perspective, amounts to raising mountains.

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