Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?

You’re an intelligent person. You’ve got a lot of things going for you. You’ve got your s*** cleaned up.

Well mostly.

Then it happens. That thing. The one that always happens.

You know, when things start getting good. You’re actually feeling quite pleased with yourself. Life is flowing a bit easier.

Then it happens.

And everything goes back to a big pile of s***.

Have you ever wanted to go out in the middle of the day, stand in the middle of a crowded street, look up into the sky with outstretched arms and scream “What The F*** Is Going On?!”

Don’t take it personally. Nobody’s out to get you. Except those who are out to get you. But they don’t really have any choice in the matter.

See it’s all just growth.

And all growth occurs in a spiral.

The purpose of experience is to provide opportunity for growth.

Ideas. Concepts. Belief. These form the boundaries of your experience.

When your ideas about life are commeasurate with your experience that boundary is like a perfect sphere.

Virtually indestructible.

When you are in this state you are “In The Zone” . No experience can enter into your reality that isn’t matched with an appropriate concept for that experience. You are master of your reality.

Experience generates emotional charge. The emotional charge is utilized to provide the impulse to upgrade your belief system, and change your behavior pattern accordingly. When properly applied, the emotional energy is completely discharged to the mental and physical realms.

When this discharge is not complete, the boundary may become stuck in a certain place.

Imagine that you are in the center of a giant round balloon that is being inflated out from you. Now imagine that your reach out to grasp the balloon between your thumb and your forefinger. As the rest of the balloon grows outward spherically, this piece that you are holding on to becomes distorted.

As you hold onto that piece you will draw into yourself experiences which are focused around the belief that is inadequate or otherwise faulty. The longer you hold onto that piece the sharper and more frequent the experiences occur. Each provides an opportunity for you to upgrade your belief system and discharge the emotional energy that has built up around the experience.

If this energy becomes repressed it can turn into fear. It has been said that fear attracts the very experiences which we would like to avoid. This is not correct.

The experience came first. The fear came after we made the conscious choice to hold on to the experience by refusing to upgrade our belief system and change our behavior. To fear is to be in sin.

When we are in a state of sin, we will appear to others to be taking repeated actions that are not commeasurate with our own belief system. In reality, we are not taking action because we have no concept upon which action can be taken. We are in a state of inaction due to the fear impulse which prevents us from accessing the appropriate concept which would allow us to take action.

Experience is not something that belongs to you personally. Experience is something that is meant to be shared with all of Creation, so that all beings have have opportunities for growth. When you hold on to your experience, claiming it as your own, you are depriving others of the potential benefits from that experience which thay have an equal claim to.

Whenever the growth of an entity is limited by the refusal of another entity to let go of an experience, a shadow being is made.

Shadow beings are like little mosquitoes that sit on the surface of your balloon and drink from the pool of emotion that has settled around the places where you have refused to let go of your experience.

Shadow beings do not have direct access to emotional energy, so in order to grow a shadow being must get you to agree to provide them with energy.

The only way they can do this is to offer their service to you, and they only have one service to offer. Should you choose to accept their services you will be allowing them access to your emotional energy in exchange for the promise of “protecting” you from the experience that you don’t want to occur.

This is a sham promise because shadow beings are incapable of taking action. They cannot protect you from anything because there is in reality nothing that you require protection from. Ultimately they exist because another being requires liberation from you, who are unreasonably limiting their opportunities for growth. A shadow being maintains its existence so long as you refuse to acknowledge that you have no right to limit the experience of another.

Shadow beings serve the light because they allow you to continue growth in other areas of life while another is allowed to continue growth in the area that you are resisting. The accomplish this through the transmission of your fear impulse through their body back to the Source for recycling.

You can at any time choose to transmit the impulse through your own body to the Source, thus eliminating the basis for the existence of a shadow entity.

You can do this through redemption of your sins.

To re-deem is to think differently. To change your mind. To make the upgrade to your belief system which is necessary to correctly process the type of experience that you have been resisting.

Redemption is a process of acquiring knowledge in which you inquire of those around you, through the use of language or symbolism, for information that can assist you in upgrading your belief system.

Information may take the form of the spoken or written word, as a work of art, or as a dream.

Upon successful translation of the information to a suitable belief system, the fear is discharged, and the shadow entity ceases to function. You have repented for your sins and are now redeemed.

You can also discharge the energy through forgiveness of your sins.

Forgiveness is a process of making a direct application to the Creator for the correction of your belief system. This correction occurs through the form of prayer.

In prayer you offer the unused energy back to the Source in return for a special dispensation known as an angel or guide.

Angels and guides are virtual beings which assume the functions of the shadow being that had previously feasted upon your sin. A virtual being is different from a shadow being because the virtual being was created in concert between you and the Creator.

Thus a virtual being is endowed with free will and can function as service-to-other, in contrast to the shadow being, which has no will of its own, and can only function as service-to-self.

At your bequest, a virtual being can be empowered to choose experiences for you on your behalf. Should such application be made a virtual being will be able to choose specific experiences which allow you to upgrade your belief system through love instead of fear.

Upon completion of the upgrade, the angel or guide is free to go assist another who may be suffering the same form of sin. They continue to exist as free entities.

Repentence and forgiveness are equally effective means of discharging the karma of sin. However an important distinction can be made.

Forgiveness is participatory in nature with regard to Creation, while repentence is merely investigatory in nature. Hence, one who forgives becomes as the Creator while one who repents becomes as the creation.

The Old Testament represents the Gospel of Redemption. This is a prescription for growth based on the observance of other.

The New Testament represents the Gospel of Forgiveness. This is a prescription for growth based on the observance of self.

The Next Testament represents the Gospel of Acceptance. This is a prescription for growth based on the observance of self as other.

The Final Testament represents the Gospel of Pardon. This is a prescription for growth based on the observance of Creator as other and self.

Upon administration of the Final Testament the process of growth is perfected and you are liberated from the bonds of the flesh.

When that happens there will finally be no more s*** to clean up.